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"Get a haircut and get a job".

It's almost 15 years since I started dreaming of calling myself a photographer. 

I never got to attend an interview at the cool schools so I pulled myself together, went to the cool guys at the bank and got home visits from nice ladies from the Tax office (does that even happen!?) who made sure I could start calling myself a photographer.The rest the universe took care of behind the scenes.

a girl with dreadlocks and braces smiling into the camera


My journey started in 2008 with a move to Stockholm, assistant job for an established portrait photographer and freelancing for a photo studio. Since then, my curiosity has taken me to many corners of our beautiful earth with many beautiful encounters. Weddings have always been at the core of my business and there hasn't been a single summer since 2008 without one. Nowadays, weddings abroad are also a central part of my business and you can often find me in Italy in early summer and autumn. I am a migratory bird who loves freedom and exploring but my base camp is in Norrköping - my hometown. Nowadays I work full time as a photographer and have expanded my business with video and creating content for a variety of companies and organizations.

When I am not photographing or filming, I have also spent my time doing social work and am also a certified relationship coach in psychosynthesis. Our relationships and love are what drive me in everything I do, whether I'm documenting or meeting you without the camera.


I love to continue to grow as a person, see others grow and stand in our full power.

I also love life as a freelance photographer and have found my tribe which makes my work a little less lonely. You can see more of them below:


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